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This weekend I attended Kansas City Fashion week. I'm excited to go through the photos I took and share my favorite designs with you! But first, I wanted to share with you a little fashion from the city of fashion, New York City. 

While I don't typically blog about fashion, if you follow me on Instagram you may see the occasional "outfit of the day" photo. I don't consider myself a fashionista, but I do think that I am fairly fashionable. Much like the store I'm featuring today, my style is unique and my own. 

Madonna and Co. is an NYC based clothing store that offers timeless, unique pieces for all ages. Their brand is almost me to a T. I also can't wait to add this little black dress to my wardrobe. it has a fun cutout in the back that I just love!

"Our customer is an independent woman, not a woman of independent means. She stands out in her own style, rather than following the fashion pack. And wherever she lives, she has a New York state of mind."


I also love this knit pencil skirt. A lot of their clothing can be worn in the office or just day to day. Their are also some great dresses for more formal events. 

During March and April, Madonna and Co. is going to be launching new apparel, jewelry and even a beauty line. Both of the pieces I posted above are under $100, and Madonna and Co. is offering readers 15% off during the month of March with code bb-march so you can snag either one for an even better price!

How would you style either of these pieces?


1, 2, 3, 4.

Hey guys! I wanted to drop in a share a few things with you before the weekend. Lots of exciting events coming up!

One: DietBet

Spring starts next week and after that comes summer! If you're like me, you've already dug out last years shorts to try on and found that they're a little tighter than they were before. I've decided to start a DietBet, and it begins MONDAY. So far no one has signed up. Sad face. This is a really special DietBet, because 60% of the proceeds go towards cancer research. The remainder of the proceeds will be split between those who meet their goal! I'd love for you to spread the work and join me!

Two: KC Fashion Week

It's my last full weekend in Missouri and I can't wait to spend it with Timmy and friends in Kansas City. I absolutely love Kansas City, and it actually reminds me of a mini Dallas. It's a big small town city, and I like that. Part of my weekend will be spent at KC Fashion week. I'll be bringing a little fashion into the mix next week on the blog, and am so excited to be one of their bloggers covering the event!

Three: Vegas

I'm going to Vegas a week from today! I am so excited to take a short break from the craziness. It really will be the calm before the storm! It's a group of five of us, and we'll be staying at the Monte Carlo. So, if you have any tips or suggestions on things to do, places to each, sites to see, then leave them in the comments below!

Four: Colorado

I'm moving to Colorado two weeks from today. It's really starting to sink in, and I'm starting to get sad about leaving friends, my other half, and moving even farther from family. However, I already have a lot of support in Colorado, so I'm hoping it will be an easy transition. PS, I'm currently apartment hunting and having mild panic attacks over the cost of living there. Am I really that crazy for thinking $1000/month for under 600 sqft is crazy?! Coloradans seem to think  I'm just cheap!


PUMA Fast Feet Round 2

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA.

Do you guys remember my PUMA Fast Feet workout from this past summer? Talk about a workout.

I thought I would challenge you guys again with another Fast Feet circuit in honor of working with PUMA again. There must be magic in their clothes, because any time I put them on, I feel as if I can attack any workout. It must be that PUMA spirit infused into their products.

I was able to try out some of the new gear and let me tell you, this stuff is legit.

PUMA Fit.jpg

I’m sure you’re all familiar with booty-licious, so take that and apply it to the Gym-licious Bra and that’s what you get. I absolutely hate bra shopping, sports bras included. I know there are many of y’all who are nodding your heads in agreement right now. This sports bra is anything but the annoying, constricting, suffocating sports bras I seem to always find myself buying. And the most important detail, it keeps the girls where they’d supposed to be...that is if you have them.


The Gym Loose Top is one of those items that I want in every single color. I LOVE this tank. LOVE IT! No joke, this tank brings sexy back…because it’s backless and loose and wicks away all the sweat leaving you looking like you just kicked a workout in the ass! Because let’s be honest, you probably did.

Gym Loose.PNG

I’ve mentioned KT Tape on the blog before and how much I love it. Athletic tape is my go to for my shin splints. PUMA is a freaking mastermind for taking compression technology and combining it with their ACTV technology. The Gym ACTV Power Tight integrates athletic tape right into the interior of the tights! If you’ve ever used athletic tape before you understand how amazing this works. If you haven’t then these tights will be a game changer for you.


I have a slight addiction to shoes and the second I saw the Bubble XT Tribal shoes I knew they’d fit perfectly in my workout wardrobe. I am all about loud patterns and colors when it comes to gym attire. I enjoy wearing these on my cross training days because they are a very light weight shoe that fits snug to your foot. It’s literally like wearing a cloud on your foot; or at least I imagine this is what wearing a cloud would feel like.  

Bubble XT.jpg

Speaking of clouds, you’ll be on cloud nine after trying this workout. Or maybe you’ll be laying on the floor curing my name. Either way, save it to your phone, pin it and share it and let me know in the comments below or on Twitter if you give it a try!


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